Why is insuring your merchandise so important ?

Regardless of the mode of transport, sea, road, air, the carrier’s liability is limited and is usually calculated per kilo. National and international laws, just like the conventions governing your contracts of carriage, often deny claims for compensation filed by you as a customer.

Limited liability for carriers

  • Air (Montreal Convention) 19 SDR per kg
  • Maritime (Hauge Visby Rules) 2 SDR per kg or 666.67 SDR per package
  • Road (CMR) 8.33 SDR per kg
  • Rail (CIM) 17 SDR per kg

*SDR is used for Special Drawing Rights

Insuring your merchandise has never been easier

We take care of all goods with care, but of course there are always risks associated with transport. Sometimes some factors are out of control, cannot be predicted, and may lead to damage or loss of goods. Our experience in international logistics gives you the benefit of a range of insurance services covering all types of products. If damage or loss occurs, taking out insurance with us helps make the claims process easier.


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